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Please click READ MORE to view the article. It is a super short read about "Voluntary Benefits At Work"


There is also a video (below) that goes along with this topic.


What if you could offer your employees an elite benefit that would really set you apart from the other employers in your area?

Do you want to attract and retain the best employees?

Let Leitz Insurance help you to offer an elite benefit that will set you apart from the rest!

Hi! My name is Ariel Leitz, the owner of the Leitz Insurance Agency. As the top insurance concierge in the market, we connect you to every service you could possibly need whether you're a broker or a business owner.


Leitz Insurance is a new innovative agency, here, battling the challenges of covid-19 by protecting all of our workers on the front line with the best benefits packages they could possibly have.

Partner with Leitz Insurance Agency and we'll show you the possibilities!


I know, this post is sort of weird, but we are testing some new online marketing resource tools and this information is valuable now, so we are sharing it with you quickly in this manner. The article in the top section was created using Adobe Spark. We are sharing it here because it is our content, just hosted elsewhere (thus the additional link to our website at the end of that inset page).

Regardless, we are always here to help our clients find the absolute best solutions for their employees in the very large world of voluntary benefits category. We would love to work our magic with you, or someone you know. Let us know how we can help!

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