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Direct Primary Care - the next big thing in employer benefits, but it's not just for big business!

As a business owner you are probably very interested in offering better supplemental and voluntary benefits for your employees, right? Well, there is something that gives your employees access to a private healthcare center that provides unlimited primary and specialized care with no co-pays or out-of-pocket costs.

It's called Direct Primary Care.

  • It provides healthcare benefits for a fraction of insurance.

  • It can be paired with insurance to reduce costs and claims

  • It works with self-funded and fully insured plans

  • It can be offered as an affordable standalone benefits plan

  • It covers part-time, 1099, and seasonal employees

Small businesses deserve big benefits

Get executive-level healthcare for your small business or voluntary participants

  • Exclusive - We provide you with affordable access to private health centers typically limited to large employers and organizations.

  • Flexible - Use our service with insurance to reduce your out-of-pocket costs or on a standalone basis to improve long-term health outcomes.

  • Affordable - You'll have primary and preventive care, labs, medications, and chronic condition management in one place, for one price.

Big benefits for any size company

We handle any size group | Start in under 30 days

We know companies start small and we’re here to give you the benefits you need to attract top talent. Enroll your employees and their family in your local center and they’ll have access to all the centers in the program. Membership costs will be a fraction of insurance and we’ll help you find insurance to cover outside care. If there is a location nearby, sign up by the 15th and start on the first of the following month.


Flat Monthly Fee

Unlimited primary and specialized care for one flat monthly fee.

No Co-Pays

No more co-pays or claims. A flat monthly fee covers all your care.

Same-Day Care

Say good-bye to wait times with same or next-day in-person visits.


Primary Care

In-person care for employees and family members, from urgent care and vaccinations to women's health and pediatrics.

Preventive Care

Prioritize long-term health with biometric screenings, emotional health assessments, and chronic condition care.

Labs and Pharmacy

Many labs are available on-site at no cost, and common generic medications are dispensed in-office.

Member-based healthcare just for employers

  • Private centers ensure your employees get the attention their health deserves

  • Include dental and other services at little to no additional cost

  • Join an existing center or, if there are none nearby, we'll build one for your employees

  • In-person primary care for the whole family

Complete Care - All your employees' healthcare needs in one healthcare center:

  • Physical exams

  • Women's health

  • Acute care

  • Pediatrics

Preventive Care - Protect your employees with periodic screenings and care:

  • Health risk assessments

  • Cancer screenings

  • Biometric screenings

  • Routine vaccinations

Urgent Care - Immediate care when your employees need it:

  • Sprains, strains & splinting

  • Infection & rash treatment

  • Basic wound care

  • Pediatrics

Occupational health for your workforce

Workforce Services

Everything you need to hire and care for your employees:

  • Repetitive injury care

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Worker's comp care

  • Occupational testing

Clinical Services

Specialized treatment from qualified providers:

  • Substance abuse

  • Physical therapy

  • Dental & vision

  • Chiropractic care

Customized Care

Does your workforce need more care than most?

  • Tailored care solutions

  • Industry-specific testing

  • Drug & alcohol testing

  • Treatment programs

Get the kind of healthcare you've only dreamed of:

  • Same or next-day in-person appointments.

  • Up to 45 minutes with your doctor at each visit.

  • Less than 3 minutes in the waiting room.

  • No co-pays, claims, or bills to worry about.

  • All your care in one place, for one flat monthly fee.


We have been providing concierge insurance services and personalized guidance and implementation of voluntary benefits for years and have many options to share with our clients, brokers, and agents. We take great care in our discovery consultations in order to help our clients connect with the exact services and benefits products they need, based on where they are in their business now, and what sort of products or services may assist them in future growth and needs.

If you would like to have us provide you with more information about our services, please reach out to us. We also encourage you to sign up for our email and follow along in your inbox.

In the end, you can do all the research on your own, or you can have us come alongside you as your experienced concierge insurance services & voluntary benefits advisor (or partner with us if you are a broker or agency) and together we will find the tools and services that are perfect for you.

Leitz Insurance Agency’s goals and mission have been:

  • To offer the best in traditional and non-traditional insurance and employee benefits products, along with

  • To mentor business owners, agents, and brokers in the area of voluntary employee benefits.

  • To simplify the administration of benefits, reduce costs, and empower consumers.

  • Expanding our services to include such items as pre-tax consumer benefits, utilizing simple online enrollment portals, and the use of mobile and other advanced technology.

  • Bringing voluntary benefits into clear focus at the business and consumer level.

Ariel Leitz, owner and a benefits advisor/coordinator at the executive managerial level since 2016, is filling a big gap in the voluntary benefits industry with a new type of agency. The Leitz approach offers full benefit solutions utilizing a concierge insurance services process for business owners, including other brokers and insurance agents. Ariel breathed life into Leitz Insurance Agency’s online presence in 2019 and is rapidly becoming the top agency in her niche. While healthcare and retirement savings remain a staple of benefit packages, voluntary benefits are growing increasingly more important to both employers and employees.

In 2020 and ongoing into 2021 we will all continue to face incredible challenges due to this Covid-19 pandemic. There is no denying that voluntary benefits selection is a complex process requiring careful consideration. Leitz is on the front line ready to provide guidance and ongoing support with timely education, admin tools, and relevant communication. We hope that you find this information of value.

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